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Roots 1st Certified Arborist

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Horticulture Services

Roots 1st is your premiere source for all aspects of ornamental horticulture information. With a Plant Health Centric approach, our expertise can provide solutions that improve  production quality, increase operational profitability, and create maximum value of your nursery or landscape investment.

Arboriculture Expert
Arboriculture Services

Let our ISA Certified Arborist assist in meeting your needs and goals for all your overstory tree needs. We provide services including tree risk assesment, lab analysis and diagnosis, as we all as tree care programs designed to meet your goals and your budget!


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About Us

The Roots 1st  team are Horticulture and Arboriculture experts who have built their business working with Landscapers, Tree Care Professionals, and Private Clients to optimize their tree canopy and landscape potential and maximize clients green scape investments.  We focus on holistic Plant and Tree Health Care that focuses on the root causes of issues by creating comprehensive Best Management Practices (BMP’s). This approach will guide plants, trees, and landscapes to meet their ultimate potential through factual science based approaches. 


With nearly a decade of experience overseeing production duties of the largest ornamental tree farm in the Southeastern United States, Roots 1st is uniquely qualified and equipped to serve you.  Countless hours of research and trialing new solutions with cutting edge technologies have made Roots 1st one of the foremost experts in Arboriculture and Horticulture in Central Florida. Our team has been involved in numerous areas of the green industry and  traveled all around the world to study the science of plants and trees for over 20 years and counting. Commercial landscape installation and maintenance, commercial Arbor care, Agricultural/ Horticulture, and all aspects of irrigation are just a few of the things Roots 1st specializes in.


Our team is imminently qualified for your project. We are  Florida Certified Horticulture Professionals,  ISA Certified Arborists, Florida Water Star Accredited Irrigation Professionals, and UF IFAS BMP Certified in the state of Florida. Our team has undergone extensive training in Lean Six Sigma Project Leadership and we understand performance at affordable cost. Our team has won numerous awards for our work, including the Agriculture Environmental Leadership Award, presented by the Commissioner of Agriculture, in 2016.


                                                                  Allow us to put all this to work for you today!

Arborist and Horticulture Experts
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