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We can diagnose your tree and plant problems. Expert plant disease and pest diagnosis

Pest and Disease Diagnostic Service

Worried about the look of your tree? Something seems off?  Call for a comprehensive analysis. We will take a holistic approach to diagnosing not just the issue, but the root cause. Each analysis is followed by a detailed report and mitigation recommendation.

Tree Risk Assessment

As a Certified Arborist with a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification we are uniquely qualified to assess your overstory canopy.  How healthy are my trees?  What is the probability of failure? Will these trees make it through hurricane season? Allow us to perform a complete analysis of your risk factors.

Need to find out if a tree should be removed. Expert Arborist tree risk Assessment
Expert tree inventorys, site plan evaluations, and Tree Protection Zones

 Tree Inventory, Tree Protection Identification, and Pre-Construction Site Plan Analysis

Using the latest software  we can create a digital map of your entire properties Overstory Canopy. Once created, this map can help to guide you through all your tree care needs for years to come.

Municipalities require Arborist inspections and designations during all residential and commercial pre-construction permitting. Contact us today for a fast and affordable analysis.

Mangrove Pruning Certification

The 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act outlines very specific standards and guidelines for protecting these vital coastal and estuarine plant species.  Avoid hefty fines and citations! As a Certified Mangrove Trimming Professional allow us to inspect and establish a Scope of Work that ensures you are in compliance with all state regulations. 

Certified Mangrove Pruning Professional
Professional Tree Planting, Tree Delivery, and Tree Sales

Tree Planting Services

Need to replace that tree?  We offer a wide variety of locally grown Florida Fancy Grade container trees at wholesale pricing. We can deliver and install them for you too! 

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